Church of South India

Congregation  of  Great  Lakes  

4250 East 11 Mile Rd, Warren,  MI. 48091, USA

Church of South India Congregation of Great Lakes  welcome your suggestions and comments. If you wish to contact us,  please feel free to do so and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you have encountered  any problems or bugs, please notify us.  Thank you for visiting us.

Presbyter in Charge:  Rev. Anurup Sam [Tel: 586.536.6075 (H), 586.939.1817(C)]                                    Email: csipastor@gmail.com

Vice President: Ms. Saraja Samuel [Tel: 248.320.4018 (C), Email: csivicepresident@gmail.com]

Secretary: Mr. Robin Mundakkal [Tel: 734.776.9608 (C), Email: csisecretary1@gmail.com]

Treasurer: Mr. Harish Sathri [Tel: 586.219.1290 (C), Email: csitreasurer1@gmail.com]

Webmaster:  Secretary


Church of South India, Congregation of Great Lakes, Michigan